Calculus is a branch of mathematics and deals with topics such as integration, and differentiation while limits and functions are also covered here. It deals with changes and examines the exchange and accumulation rate. The principles of analysis apply in many scientific areas such as engineering as well as in the areas of economics, statistics, and Calculus in the stock market.

Try the following steps to simplify your ap calculus bc exams.

  1. Make sure you know what is covered in the exam. What sections of the book will be included in the exam? Is there anything you need to know that is not in the book? Are there any class materials, worksheets, brochures or other special material that you need to review? It is very important to know what the exam problems are to spend time studying.
  2. Try to guess some of the exam questions. Did the teacher spend a lot of time talking about a particular topic or did he assign a lot of homework from a particular section? This is a good indication that the subject will be on the exam. This is a very powerful technique. If you can guess even one or two questions about the exam, you can make sure you know how to solve these problems well. However, be sure not to fall into the trap of studying everything else too little!
  3. Study with a friend. Help each other with problems. Ask one or two questions to your friend and let him ask you one or two questions. One of the best ways to determine if you understand a concept is to explain it to another person. It is usually harder than you think! Make sure you stay focused. It works best to study with only one or two people.
  4. Work on old homework problems. Make sure you know how to solve any assigned problem. If you have problems with some problems, work on similar problems until you feel comfortable. If you have access to old evidence, study them. The best indicator of how a teacher’s exam will look is the look of your previous exams.
  5. Start learning early. Although people argue about it, it is almost always better to study for one hour a day for a week than the whole day before the test. You must give your brain time to rest, think and concentrate on other events in your life. This also gives you enough time to ask your teacher, TA or classmates questions about topics you don’t understand well.