Equivital is an exceptional brand having technologically proficient professional wearable products. These products are used to measure human mobile data under real-time situations. This data is gathered from real people in real situations by using the high standard products of Equivital. The acdm conference 2020 is ready to appreciate the data management professionals this year and also various discussions and debates are expected. The data gathered is very accurate and precise to the expectations of various researchers from across the globe.

What are the various life-saving products of Equivital

Equivital has developed the following products.

TnR for researchers,

Orann for Pharmaceutical clinical trials and Healthcare applications

Black Ghost for Professional safety and welfare applications

Products’ advantage

Equivital products TnR Life monitor product works in all situations for accurately measuring the physiological data. The reliable data of this device helps the researchers very useful for their clinical studies. Viewing and analysis of human data by using the real-time data have given topnotch results. The TnR product range is improved by the accessories such as ancillary sensors give desirable results as expected. The Black Ghost monitoring product helps people who are working in a hazardous environment. This technology is of great use to those important people of the society who protect us in different situations. The heat stress monitoring system of Black Ghost is very effective/ This device has the feature of combining safety sensors in a single place. Hence, this technology is very easy to use by the researchers for analyzing the data.

The Pharmaceutical clinical trials and Healthcare applications have Orann device technology. This application is easily accessible and scalable. This technology finds its use in all clinical requirements and exactly fits into the expectations. It also suits the budget of clinical trials even on small levels and other protocol norms. The data provided by this device is top on the line and for the exact profiling of drug effects.

An inevitable technology for the present situation

The other safety and very inevitable technology to the present situation of the world is the eqWave Social Distancing Device technology. This device finds a great place in the present situation of the pandemic disease in many industries, offices, and other business units. The technology of the device is that it gives vibration and visual alert when the social distancing norms are broken in any place. The eqWave device is worn by the user at the office so that it alerts him if any issues at the spot. The exclusive feature of the device is that the long life of the device. The customer can wear this device along with Personal Protective Equipments because it is compatible in all aspects

Worldwide presence

The Equivital company has worldwide distributors for reaching customers from across the globe. The products of the Equivital are one of a kind without any error. The devices help many researchers for their clinical trials and are user friendly. The various offices of Equivital are located in Cambridge, UK, and New York, USA. countries. All the life-saving products of Equivital are approved by the FDA.