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Proper Goose store satisfies you with quality products

Are you passionate about crafted gift items? If yes, Proper goose’s personalized gifts and cards may satisfy you to the core. The gifts and stationery items are amazing with many features. Proper goose is a small business unit producing many exemplary gift items for you to present to someone you love more. The unique feature of the company is that they produce their products in their studio. You can approach the company for any occasion that you come across to present someone a gift. Yes, the business officials produce all types of gifts for your special memories. The gifts are eye-catching and touch the heart of your loved ones

Proper goose company products

Proper goose is located in Surrey suburb of Hampton Court, UK. You can get a customized gift from the company as per your wish. A clear-cut instruction to the officials would make them updated about your expectations. You may love sending heart-touching messages or interested in presenting hand-crafted gifts to your dear ones. The unique personalized gifts are made by the talented team of Proper Goose Company considering your love and attachment. Some occasions like wishing a happy birthday, wishing an anniversary to a couple, valentine’s day, valedictory function, mom or dad’s birthday gifts, school-going children’s gift, college-going candidate gift, successful examination gift, or any achievement are celebrated with the proper goose’s products in your style.

What are the personalized gifts available with a proper goose team? The following are some of the popular items are available

  • Wooden gift
  • Fishing tackle
  • Photo memory
  • Sweet tin box
  • Couple photo playing cards in a personalized way
  • Photo message box
  • Photo water bottle.
  • Photon print stand etc.

The above items are delivered to you if you order online mode. The exact details are gathered from you for customizing the gift and send it to you back.

Letterbox gifts

You can also get personalized letterbox gifts at the shop of proper goose. The following are some of the popular items available at the company.

  • Wooden gift voucher
  • Photo message gift box
  • Personalized photo book
  • Personalized baby milestone card
  • Gym training notebook

The above products are some of the popular items available in the store. You still have some more times for your vision.

Both popular occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, special occasions such as new home, graduation, and school memories, and teachers’ day are celebrated by the products of proper goose. You can shop on the website of the company in an exact way. You can also get artisan gifts on the website of the company. All in one shop feature is the popularity of the company.

You can get excellent service

You can have the option of uploading photos of the products that you like. The technicians of the store make your expectations fulfilled with their creative minds and state-of-the-art technology. The reviews about proper goose are positive on the internet and the testimonials are encouraging other customers to purchase their favorable gifts at the shop. You also have the flexibility of purchasing the gift products on the website by following specific categories.

Luxury Journal- An Authentic Gift Idea

If you love someone very much and aware of their habits of reading and writing then, LUXURY JOURNALS are one of the best pieces that you can gift them on special occasions. It is a very good and enhancing self-care activity to relax with a luxurious journal at the end of a hectic day. Journaling can help you to discard your stress and also give you some sparks of creativity and enthusiasm. You will get inspiration as well. You can use the journal for recording your dreams and find positivity in your wishes. It is one of the great activities to decrease your stress level. You can get rid of depression issue if you have. Apart from this, journaling is a great and fun hobby as well.


It is a great gifting idea to someone whom you love, you can gift it to yourself as well. You will have to buy the luxurious journal from a reputed shop. You will get a perfect and handcrafted journal. If you buy this from a reputed shop then, you will get a wide range of design options there. Apart from this, you will get various paper format options as well. You can also get a special range of options such as 24-carat gold and wood covering and all. So, as you can see, gifting a luxurious journal is a perfect and innovative idea.


The luxurious and reputed shops will deliver you authentic and high-quality journals. The quality matters a lot. You will get a nicer feel with the expensive journal. You cannot ignore this fact. The paper quality of the journals is a very much important thing to consider. You can find the heavy top sheet in this type of journal that will protect the inside pages from creases and wrinkles. Apart from this, you will get a hard, durable and premium cover as well.


The luxurious journals are made with various crafting methods. Wood crafting is one of the popular methods among all. There is the finest wood and carpentry skill in the wood crafting method. After the making process, the manufacturer will ensure that the journal meets all your needs and it will be a traditional and fashionable item. These are crating with utmost patience and care.


You will get the whole crafting and binding process perfect. So, for perfection, you need to select a shop that offers you high-quality, durable and premium journals. This will also need engineered fittings. So, you should not go to a cheap journal making company or store. You will have to choose the best to get the perfect and luxurious journal. They will never compromise with the quality and structure of the journal.

So, as you can see, gifting someone a luxurious journal is not a bad idea. It is an elegant gift option. You can gift it to someone for whom journaling is a great hobby. They will be happy to get it.