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How to Choose a Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Unit?

Air conditioning devices have become a necessity. Look around in any area. You’ll hardly find an office or a home without the AC unit. No one wants to keep himself from the perks of soothing temperature levels amid hot climates. To meet the needs of users, many companies offer a wide range of AC models. You can find standalone units and wall mounted ones. However, choosing the wall mounted air conditioning unit stands as a much better bet. Such a unit is cost-effective, accentuates your home, and doesn’t occupy your floor area.

Tips to buy a wall mounted air conditioning unit

To tap the benefits of a wall-mounted device, many buyers flock to the market to bag the best one. Sadly, a majority of shoppers fail to pick the right unit. Why? They lose patience and shop impulsively. So, they end up with a substandard device or a costly model. Do you want to face such a scene? Definitely, no! So, follow this useful piece of advice to choose the right AC device.

Check the walls of your home/office

Since you want to buy a wall-mounted unit, review the walls of your establishment. Make sure that your office’s or home’s wall can carry the weight of the device. Also, measure the dimensions of the wall where you want to mount the unit. A compact machine will make the right choice for a small wall. You may go for a bigger device for a big wall.

Determine your preferences

Gone are the days when AC devices had a dull look. Today, many brands offer them in a wide range of colors and designs. So, you get a chance to showcase your persona. Also, contemporary designs and modern hues let you accentuate your home/office decor. Assess the theme and colors of the structure to choose the right appliance.

Plan the budget

Many buyers get thrilled at the thought of buying a cooling machine. However, their zeal and thrills subside after making a costly choice. It’s best to plan your finances to avoid a nightmarish situation. Decide the highs as well as lows of the purchase. A planned budget will keep you from falling prey to the salesman’s tricks. Plus, it’ll help you optimise your finances while shopping.

Check a reliable outlet

Today, you can find home appliance stores in any area. However, not all shops can match your needs. Also, many outlets charge exorbitantly for their products. Then some shops offer poorly made devices. You may want to stay clear of such venues. So, make a list of reliable outlets in your area. Explore online and offline platforms to complete your list. Don’t forget to scan the reputation of outlets when making your list.

Shop wisely

Now you know how to choose the right wall mounted air conditioning unit. So, shopping should be a breeze. Just compare the features and rates at each reputable outlet. Check their refund and shipping terms. Finally, choose the best unit that’s durable, visually appealing, and comes on a budget.

Your Short Air Conditioning Installation Guidebook

Getting an aircon installed is a common thing nowadays. With the world flaring up, the demand for cooling systems had never been higher.

Nevertheless, it’s surprising that important questions about air conditioning installation aren’t fully answered. Some of the most pressing questions are what kind of aircon unit to get, is it okay to install an aircon in any spot, and what’s the average price of installation service.

If you don’t like to read lengthy guides and informative articles, you might like this write-up that merges all available information into a concise and helpful guidebook.

How Much Is Aircon Installation In 2021?

The cost of aircon units increases by 2 – 3% annually. Of course, aircon technicians are aware of this fact. That’s why they get crafty and increase the price of their installation services too.

So if you’re planning to get an aircon unit installed in any year, it’s best to research the updated pricing for you not to fall short of budget.

You don’t have to do your own research anymore. Take a glance at this quick reference that shows you the updated cost of aircon installation for 2021 [] :

  • Window Units installation – $500 up to $1000 ( 300 – 700 pounds)
  • Ductless AC installation – $3150 up to $9000 (2200 – 6000 pounds)
  • Centralized AC installation – $3500 up to $12,000 (2500 – 8600 pounds)
  • HVAC unit installation – $10000 up to $14000 ( 7200 – 10119 pounds)

What Aircon Should You Get?

Aircon comes in different varieties. Each variety might be advantageous or disadvantageous depending on your particular needs.

Get window units installed for cooling small rooms. Window units are the best aircon for 100 to 1000 square feet spaces.

If you don’t have money for installation service, buying a portable aircon is recommended. It doesn’t have installation costs. However, the cooling that it provides is only suitable for 100 – 500 square meter spaces.

Ductless aircon units are what you need if your home uses boiler heating systems, ground source heat pumps, and infrared heating.

In case you want to provide cooling to more than one room of a large house or building, get a centralized air conditioner. A centralized aircon blows cold air to several rooms using one unit only. Using this type of aircon is more practical than using several aircon in numerous rooms.

On the other hand, an HVAC unit is proper for cooling all of the rooms of a small house or building.

Can An Aircon Be Installed In Any Spot?

Newbies never care about where the aircon unit is placed. So long as it sits well and fine, then there are no problems.

However, this isn’t really true. It’s best not to place the aircon on a spot where it’s directly exposed to sunlight. Direct exposure to sunlight results in issues such as:

  • premature deterioration of the compressor
  • abrasion of the aircon’s external cover
  • increased energy consumption
  • decreased efficiency (10% decrease [] )
  • overheating of the aircon unit
  • leaking refrigerant

Concluding Thoughts

An aircon installation service is a significant move in making your house better to live in. That’s why it should be carefully planned.

The information that this article provided provides the basics information that will make planning concrete and realistic.

Know that with a concrete plan, everything will go smooth and breezy from choosing between aircon units, finding the right installers, up to getting the chosen aircon installed.