Suffolk Paddock Sweeper

Keeping a paddock clean can be tedious work. The traditional method is to move around with a wheelbarrow and a spade and using a gloved hand pick up the manures that have been dropped by the horses. The average horse drops between 8 and 15 manures a day, which means that if you have several you may find yourself picking up after them several times a day.
Leaving the manure on the paddock is not an option as it can present several problems. Horses that eat in paddocks that are littered with manure often develop intestinal parasites which can be fatal. To avoid this they may start eating selectively, choosing to eat parts of the paddock that have no manure. This leads to uneven turf and soon your paddock will not look very good. Even worse, horse manure encourages weed growth.
The best way to keep your paddock clean is to use a paddock sweeper. This is a machine that is hitched on to a quad bike and then driven over the grass – it picks up not just manure but other bits of debris leaving your paddock clean and healthy for your horses. If you have enough money you can buy your own paddock sweeper. It is a good idea to own one because you can clean your paddock any time.
If, however, you don’t have enough to buy your own sweeper you can rent one. There are companies that can rent you a paddock sweeper for a few hours a day. You can choose to hire one that comes with a driver or you can choose to have the sweeper alone. If you choose the later you should have a quad back to attach it to.
ProGroundcare can rent you a paddock sweeper for as long as you need it. You can get it with or without a driver – it all depends on what you want. Find out how you can rent one today on

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