Folding Stage Platforms

You have a music event coming up and one of the things you have to prepare is a folding stage platform. There are 2 ways that you can acquire one – you can hire one or you can buy one. If you will be having events frequently that require you to have a folding stage platform it is probably best to hire – you will spend less than you would eventually on stage hire. If you are worried about big upfront costs there are companies that are happy to let you put down an initial deposit and then pay a small amount every month until you have paid off your debt.

Hiring is great if you only have events once in a while. Before you hire you need to know what kind of materials would be best for a stage for your event. This is determined by things like attractiveness, how much weight the stage can hold and so on. You also need to find out how high the stage needs to be. Some stages come with seated risers that have tiered levels where you can put chairs – these are the best if an orchestra will be performing.

Look into the kind of deck surfaces are available – they can be made of hardboard, polypropylene and some even have carpets on them. The size of your deck will be determined by the size of the room where they event will be taking place so make sure to take proper measurements. Find out how easy the stage is to assemble.

One company that comes highly recommended for both folding stage platform sale and hire is RatStands. They are a UK based company that specializes in all-things music performance and they have a wide variety of folding stages.

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