Children’s Hearing Test

As a parent who wants their child to grow up healthy and happy one of the things you want to make sure is that their hearing is okay – it plays a significant part in their development, both cognitive and social. Many parents in the UK assume that they shouldn’t be concerned about their children’s hearing especially if no one else in the family has had to deal with hearing loss. What they may not know is that about 1 in every 1,000 children are born deaf to hearing parents. Many children who are born with their hearing intact go on to develop problems in their early years.
Hearing loss should be taking seriously – it can seriously affect a child’s development. There are some websites that suggest that you can do tests at home that can help you determine whether or not your child is able to hear properly. Some of these are helpful, but it is important to keep in mind that hearing deficiencies come in a wide variety and while you can diagnose some of them at home there are many that need the expertise of a professional.
There are, however, some obvious signs. If, for example, your child seems to be slow to learn they may have a hearing problem – we learn a lot through what we hear so when hearing is affected it follows that our learning will be too. You may also notice that your child doesn’t respond to ordinary conversations or simple instructions. It may not be out of stubbornness or disobedience – it could be that they don’t hear you or their teacher very well.
The sooner you get your child to a professional the better – they can start getting the necessary treatments and interventions. One that comes highly recommended is Chears – they are one of UK’s premier audiologists and they can diagnose a wide variety of hearing problems. Find out more on

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