Cambridge Science Jobs

If you have just graduated with a science degree and are looking for a job in Cambridge you may find that they are not very easy to come across. That said, if you go about it the right way you will secure employment before very long. The best thing to do is to submit your CV to a recruitment website. These sites stay in touch with employers so that they can be alerted whenever an opportunity comes up and therefore will be acting as your eyes and ears. Make sure that your CV is professionally done – if you aren’t very sure how to go about this there are professionals who can help and they are available online. Make sure to list your training qualifications as well as any job experience you may have had in the past.

Once you submit your CV it will take some time before the website can get back to you with one or more opportunities. It is up to you to decide whether you want them – just because they shortlist you for a job doesn’t mean that you must go. If you come across something that you like you should find out as much as you can about the employer – what they do, whether they have a company philosophy, where they are located, whether they are an international brand and so on. In addition to that you should dig into what you will be expected to do if you get the job. All this information will help you make a good impression.

Show up for the interview early – you don’t want to run in at the last minute. Make sure that you are dressed appropriately. During the interview answer all questions concisely and as correctly as you can. Be yourself – if you are likable and genuine you are more likely to get the job. Once the interviewer is done with their questions it is wise to ask one or two of your own – it shows that you are smart and that you think about things. Don’t bring up remuneration though – it is bad form. If your employer wants you to know how much you will be making in this first interview they will bring it up themselves. Remember, you have just finished school so you’ll be starting quite low on the salary scale.

One website where you can place your CV is Polytech Personnel. They work with great companies to get young people employment, and they often list very good Cambridge science jobs. You can find out more on

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