Boarding School in England for International Students

Most parents, when thinking about boarding schools in England for international students, take into account the obvious things – the pass rate of the school, the quality and experience of the faculty, the variety of subjects offered and so on. While it is important to take all these things into account there are some finer details you should take into account that can make a difference in whether your child will pass or fail their 6th form studies:

• The location of the school is important. You will find 6th form boarding schools in both rural areas and in the cities. This is an important factor to consider because your child needs to go to an environment that they are familiar with. If they are city dwellers, for example, they may feel quite lonely and isolated if you place them in a rural setting.

• Does the school you have in mind cater to your child’s strengths? Every 6th form boarding school in the UK has a wide variety of extracurricular activities but there are some schools that excel in some particular areas, such as sports, music or the arts. If you place your child in a school his or her talents are not nurtured they may feel like they are outcasts.

• Will your child receive good care? This is particularly important if you will not be in the UK yourself. Your child should have living quarters that are safe and secure and supervised at all times. They should receive 3 hot meals a day and snacks in between. If your child has any special needs the school should provide for them. There should be a counsellor in the school in case your child needs to talk to someone.

Why not try the Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies? See what makes them an excellent choice on their website,

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