Independent Girls’ Schools

Finding an independent girls’ school in the UK is not as easy as you may think – although there are so many of them not all of them offer the best education. Since you want the best for your child you should choose between them carefully. Here is what you should be looking for:
•    Find out the quality of curriculum that is offered. Different schools offer different curriculum and the one you choose will depend on what you want for your child. That said, don’t forget to take your child’s talent into account.
•    You should look at the environment of the school. Do you feel safe leaving your child there? Do the teachers care for and support the children? Is there a culture of bullying? These things are very important as they determine how well your child fits in.
•    If your child is going to be a boarder you should look into the boarding arrangements. Find out if they are comfortable and whether children get everything that they need. Look into the meals that are provided and whether your child needs to supplement. If your child has special needs find out whether they can be taken care of.
•    Is the school open and welcoming? Although most independent schools in the UK have students from all over the world there are some where not all students are treated as equals, especially by fellow students.
•    What extracurricular activities are available for your child to take part in? The wider the variety the better.
St. Francis College in Hertfordshire is one school where students from all parts of the world are welcome. It offers a great curriculum that will provide your daughter with everything she needs to do well in university as well as excellent boarding facilities.