Ely Plumbing Services in the UK

Ely Plumbers is a reputable and seasoned company in the UK. With years of extensive industry experience, they continue to offer the best plumbing services for residential and commercial establishments. With free estimates and quotes, customers get the expedited services they deserve. From clogged toilets and sinks to pipe and water mane bursts, Ely Plumbers has the tools and expertise to resolve all plumbing issues. They also specialize in new plumbing system installations, along with parts and components replacement. As always, they will check your plumbing pipes and units for mold and water flow issues. One phone call or e-mail is all you need to get the best plumbing experts in the business today.
Ely Plumbing Services for Homes and Businesses
Ely is proud to offer a wide array of cost-affordable plumbing services. They also help property owners save time and money on system upgrades or overhauls. Whether dealing with sprinkler system problems or leaky faucets, customers always get the best services and true professionalism across the board. With highly-dedicated and certified plumbing specialists, no repair or maintenance job is ever too big or small. Ely Plumbers is fully insured as well – and always committed to excellence in all repair jobs and installations. Services include:
•    Drippy or leaking faucet repairs or replacements – bathrooms, kitchens, sinks, and all water-based appliances and units.
•    Increasing water pressure for kitchens, bathrooms, boilers and heating units.
•    Unclogging clogged toilets with cutting-edge equipment and tools. This includes snakes, along with leak-detection units and industrial-strength pumps to remove obstacles.
•    Checking all drainage and sewer lines to ensure optimal waste removal. Water mane repairs, sprinkler system repairs, and complete plumbing systems analysis and assessment.
•    Septic tank repairs, new plumbing unit installations, and complete plumbing pipe replacements and overhauls.
•    24/7 emergency plumbing services – floods, water backflow, clogged units and much more.
If your home or office is experiencing plumbing issues, let the experts at Ely take care of it. They continue to receive great industry reviews and customer testimonials. Plumbers in Ely cambs also utilize the highest-quality tools and components to tackle any new or recurring plumbing issue. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please visit their website today , :

3 Methods of Heating That Work Better Than Traditional Heating


Heating is one of the biggest expenses that home owners that to pay in the winter. During the winter months, temperatures fluctuate a great deal and thus creates the need to pay for temperature modification. In order to modify the temperature, you need both heating and cooling. Out of these two, heating is the one that is considerably more expensive. Therefore, you need to be highly diligent about how you heat your house. Being diligent about how you heat your house is the only way to make a smart decision that saves you money. The money saved on heating expenses is huge and adds up over the long run. Most people opt to go the simplest route by investing in a traditional heating system. This is a huge mistake often times because traditional heating is highly expensive and comes with several disadvantages. In this article, we will go over three superior methods of Ely heating that will help your bottom line.

Heating Methods Superior To Traditional Heating

  • Pellet Stove
  • Wood Heating
  • Natural Gas Heating

Pellet Stove

A pellet stove is one of the best ways to heat a house. It is highly effective because it uses mostly combustion as its means of heating. Little to no electricity is used in the process ensuring that heating your home does not cause your electric bill to skyrocket.

Wood Heating

Wood heating is considerably better than traditional heating because it also saves on electricity. With wood heating, all you have to do is cut some free firewood at your residence and set it on fire in a fireplace. This is probably the cheapest way possible to heat a house.

Natural Gas Heating

Natural gas has seen a huge rise in popularity in recent years because it is very cheap. If you live somewhere where natural gas is available you might even be able to get it for free. There are some tricky laws surrounding this method, but if you talk to most homeowners who have natural gas heating, you will find that most do not have to pay anything.

Sriracha chili sauce

Jazz Up Meals Using Sriracha Chili Sauce

Any sauce lover should try sriracha chili sauce. The multi-purpose red sauce is made from pureed chili peppers, salt, garlic and vinegar. It has a hot and tangy sauce with a hint of sweetness which distinguishes it from other hot sauces and makes it suitable for a variety of cuisines.


Sriracha is a key ingredient in many chicken dishes. One of my favorites is the sriracha chili sauce which is a no fuss recipe that does not require a lot of ingredients or much effort.  Simply mix the chicken thighs with olive oil, sriracha, onion and lime juice before tossing in the oven. Toward the end of cooking, leave the mixture under a broiler to make it nice and crispy. If you prefer chicken curry, you can also use sriracha to make one. It only takes 15 minutes to prepare the curry once the chicken is diced and all vegetables are chopped.

Eggs and cheese

Cheese and eggs balance perfectly with the flavor of Sriracha. You can use the sauce in cheese sandwiches and cheese balls. To keep devilled eggs healthier, limit mayonnaise and add flavor with garlic and sriracha. You could also make a healthier hollandaise by adding avocado and tomato slices to poached eggs before mixing with sriracha.  For a quickie, just pour some sriracha to the wings before putting then on the grill.


Add sriracha to a strawberry margarita to instantly make it better. After blending the strawberries, tequila and ice, spice it up with a pinch of sriracha for a drink with less calories. You could also add zest to a cold cocky rooster with sriracha. Simply add lime juice, jalapeños and sriracha to a large beer and get guzzling. Everyone in that party will want to know your recipe.


Sriracha is an increasingly popular sauce that can be bought on local stores or online. Just purchase, add a spray nozzle and get ready to use on veggie salads, French fries, or meat to add a distinctive taste. What’s more, it’s made of natural ingredients. A must-have for anyone who loves cooking -or eating!