Folding Music Stand

Folding music stands are a necessary part of any serious musician’s ensemble. Whether you are learning how to play or are already a seasoned musician, you need a top quality folding stand that will allow you to focus on playing rather than worrying about whether it will hold up. Unfortunately, not all folding music stands are as good as their makers claim they are. If you are going to get yourself the best you need to know what you should be looking for.
Start by checking how stable a music stand is. If it wobbles so will your playing, and you don’t want to disappoint your audience. Stable music stands tend to be sturdy too – they are made out of tough materials. If you buy one that is made of light materials you may unfold it before a performance and find that some or all of the legs are bent. The height range also matters – you want a stand that you can adjust upwards in case you are required to play while standing. If you are tall you should be especially careful about this – many stands will not extend upwards very far.
A good folding music stand has depth. This means that it has a shelf where you can store books or a couple of folders as you perform. This may not be necessary if you are a beginner but more seasoned players find that they have to refer to books from time to time. You also want a stand that has enough room for you to keep little things like pens, pencils and your mobile phone. As you are buying your music stand keep in mind that a lot of the times you will not be playing your music from a piece of paper but rather from a device such as a tablet, so buy a stand that can hold one of these comfortably. Also, you are safer buying a black folding music stand – although there are other colors of music stands available black happens to be the traditional color for performers.
If you will be performing at concert staging it is important to keep portability in mind. This means that your stand should be easy to transport – it should fold into a neat little package that isn’t heavy at all (you will be carrying your instrument as well and you don’t want to make things tough on yourself).
Durability also matters – music stands are not cheap and you want to buy one that will last. The best ones can last for a very long time. For your stand to last it has to be crafted out of a lasting material. It is always best to buy a stand that is wide enough to take 2 or 3 sheets of music at once so that you don’t have to stop playing your instrument to turn a page.
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