Thrive Programme & Emetophobia

If you are reading this, it is quite likely that you suffer from emetophobia or have a loved one who does. Emetophobia is the fear of vomiting. Not many people suffer from it so it isn’t a very well known phobia. That said, for those who do it can be a debilitating condition because it takes control of their lives. Sufferers fear not just that they will vomit but also that others will vomit. In fact, there are many people who have emetophobia but don’t know it – when they see another person vomit it induces them to vomit.

Fortunately, there is something that you can do about emetophobia. The Thrive Programme has been known to treat it very successfully. Emetophobic people are controlled by their thoughts. Their cognitive processes are taken over because of fear that they will be sick. This in turn induces anxiety and if not taken care of can lead to panic attacks and worse. The Thrive Programme teaches sufferers how to take control of their thoughts. It deals with unhelpful beliefs that bring on emetophobia.

Here is an example: you may have convinced yourself that if you hold on to any hand rail you will pick up germs, get sick and start vomiting. This is an unhelpful belief. People all over the world hold hand rails all day and they don’t get sick. In addition to that, any germs that you may pick up on a handrail are not likely to get you sick. It is just that your mind has hijacked you into thinking, quite irrationally, that handrails can make you sick. Thrive takes care of these beliefs and it is very successful, with 100% of sufferers getting cured.

The programme requires one to fill out a workbook which is then assessed by a Thrive consultant. You should also set aside time for sessions with your consultant during which time you will explore your fears. At the end of your session you will be given a post treatment questionnaire that tells your consultant how you are getting on.

One of the best Thrive consultants in Cambridge is Kate Patterson. She specializes in helping people overcome fears and irrational thinking that lead to stress, anxiety and depression. She has an excellent track record and you can be sure that she will help you work through your emetophobia.

New Developments in Essex, Cambridgeshire, & Ipswich

Located at the mid-east coast of England, Norfolk offers a breathtaking rolling countryside, seaside resorts, coastline stretches, pretty villages and pretty towns. It is the perfect place to buy a home. Sowerbys is the leading independent Norfolk property agent in the region. We have specialized in helping our clients get stunning homes including traditionally designed homes and apartments in the city center.

Our work has been recognized nationally and locally several times. We have a numerous new homes Cambridgeshire and all over Norfolk including;

i)                    Rougham End, Weseanham, King’s Lynn PE32.

A beautiful newly built property with an annex extending to in-excess of four thousand square feet. It has six bedrooms on the first floor with three of those being en-suites. The grounds and gardens it stands on are about 1.25 acres, behind a red-brick wall which is very impressive. It goes for £ 1, 200, 000.

ii)                  North street, Langhan Holt NR25

This substantial and stunning newly built Norfolk barn is a gem. It boasts of dramatic and magnificent space with the finishing done to exceptional standards. It is a perfect fusion of the 21st century technically developed homes cocooned in enchanting traditional shell. It goes for £995,000.

iii)                Burnham road, Ringstead, Hunstanton PE36

The chalk barn offers a charming village location with an excellent view across adjacent farmland at the front. The finishing and fittings has been done to high specifications with delightful character features including vault ceiling having exposed timbers and beams and some rooms having exposed stone and chalk spots. It goes for £ 795,000

iv)                London road, Wymondham NR18

The Tolls meadow house design specification was meant to exploit river Tiffey and Tolls meadow nature reserve potentially excellent sites. The house consists of 3 parallel barns to give a main elevation that is lively. The external detailing and finishes have been considered carefully to fit the context of Norfolk. It goes for £ 995,000

v)                  Burnham market, King’s Lynn, Norfolk PE31

The guardian house is a fashionable modern house with a brick-wall and electric gates to give a security and privacy sense. It has an open plan diner, high-end kitchen and guest room with bi-fold doors. The patio is very spacious and the staircase is spiral shaped. It has four bedrooms two of which are en-suites. It goes for £ 795,000

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